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We all have that secret bucket list hidden deep inside our heads waiting to be ticked off, yet never had the opportunities to be ticked off. It could be your own travel bucket list or even a road trip you are planning with your friends, and these are some definitely worthy places of visiting, after all like the saying goes “You Only Live Once”. Make the best of it!

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Famous for its Moai, monolithic stone statues, this is an island worth visiting in Chile. There are around 887 stone carved statues created by Rapa Nui people, representing the deceased head of a lineage. However this is much more than an open-air museum. Diving, snorkeling and even surfing are some of the exciting adventures offered for those who visit. This is a trip definitely enjoyed the most on foot, bike saddle or even on horseback!

Santorini Island Greece 

A city emerged from one of the most devastating volcano eruptions ever shaping its craggy look, has been marked as one of the best places one must visit. The main island of Thira however is the most highlighted among the rest of the islands due to its white Cycladic houses that appear the most amazing at sun set with the change of afternoon bright sky to the cooling and glowing twilight. Its multicolored beaches are added beauties.

Cave in Algarve Portugal

Are you getting on the Caribbean fever with the new upcoming release of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean? Well if you are secret Jack Sparrow admirer this is definitely the spot for you. It might not be the exact location where the movie was or is being filmed, however this is definitely close to it! This natural cavity or Grotto is close to the Benagil beach in Portugal. You could visit the cave by boat or even a kayak. You could find out information from the relevant companies and plan your ride on a day the sea is transparent to have a more memorable trip!

Gongryong Ridge, Seorak Mountain

This amazing mountain is situated in South Korea. It is also known as the spine of the dinosaur because of the rocky ridges presented. It gives you an amazing view of inner and outer Seorak. This range of 1200m is definitely a must-go for those adventurous mountain climbers!

Uleung Island Seaside Road

Another location in South Korea with a killer view, amazing rock formations, shore cliffs and waterfalls. This is also nicknamed as mysterious island. If you’re a naturalist and love nature, this is your ideal vacation spot.

The swing at the “End of the World” in Banos Ecuador

This is definitely my personal favorite. If you love taking risks and have no fear for heights and love the killer view, this your ideal spot. The tree house overlooking an active volcano and a swing with no harness and the amazing view are nothing short of a disappointment.

Sea of stars on Vaadhoo Island Maldives

Another marvelous place and a must-visit in Maldives. The bioluminescence in the water due to marine microbes makes the shore glow like a splash of a gazillion stars on earth. It’s truly amazing and spectacular especially at dusk almost like reflecting the sky.

These are some amazing places from so many. It is these moments you come to truly admire Mother Nature and her beauty. Make the best out of the adventure you might plan on going and remember be safe and enjoy!

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