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Everybody is a secret foodie. Remember the countless times you’ve tried dieting yet failed miserably! Well if you are open to trying new exotic foods from different countries here are a few suggestions for you. However though these may not be the crazy kind like wasp crackers or fried tarantulas because personally I think I’d rather starve than try those! However no offence to those who might actually like them though. People’s tastes and preferences do vary after all!

Aligot, France

This French dish is definitely for those cheese lovers who could practically live on just cheese! Made from fresh Tomme cheese which is melted, potato cream, garlic, butter, thick and cheesy paste is the best. If you love cheese as much as I do this ought to be your favorite!

Rendang, Indonesia

It may look simple yet it tastes heavenly! Made from beef pieces cooked in coconut milk, garlic, shallots, chilies, lemongrass, and many more combined with rice, it truly is a delicacy on must try.

Deep fried Mars bar, Scotland

And this is why we say the Scottish are awesome. Who would’ve thought chocolate could be taken into a whole new level by deep frying it in batter! Invented in chips and fish shops around Scotland, this is a delicacy that can be devoured in minutes by us chocoholics!

White pizza – old forge pizza, Pennsylvania USA

Pizza taken into to a whole new level! Definitely worth travelling half the world to have it! Creamy cheese and double crust. Nothing more needs to be said! Simply amazing!

Bao Zi, China

These are a common delicacy found in the streets of China, generally had for breakfast. These are steam filled buns stuffed with either lamb, beef or vegetables and dipped in sauce with vinegar and spicy sauce.

Dolsot bibimbap, South Korea

Although when you say Korea the first thing that pops into your mind might be Ramen, there are other delicacies that are simply amazing and not instant unlike Ramen! This is a dish cooked in a stone pot, it is mixed rice combined with vegetables, raw egg and spicy red pepper paste. Here the egg is cooked on the side of the bowl itself because of the heat from the pot and the bottom layer of rice is coated with sesame oil as a final touch.

Hopefully these delicacies made your mouth water and set your next vacation destinations! Remember to enjoy and also not be too greedy, even when you know you might be allergic to something, don’t try and stuff your mouth with it! Find other alternative dishes and enjoy your meal!

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