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Comics are an amazing work of art that combines story with visuals. If you have been a fan of Archie comics since forever and have wanted to create your own comic, here are few pointers to be considered. We cannot all be great comic writers at once, but putting the passion you’ve got and combining it with a little bit of extra work, who knows you might even be able to create the next new Mamaduke series!


Unlike in a novel, it is hard to remain with in plot line when it comes to a comic. However planning clearly your plot line, its beginning, middle and end may definitely help to remain within the frame as much as possible. Draw out an emotion graph, graphing out the arcs of your main and secondary characters to help better the plot. Start from there and carry your characters throughout the story.

Be open minded

It is clear that when writing a comic you’d tend to deviate from the plot or may even change your entire plot based on the way how you think the story ought to go, therefore being open minded and ready to accept change too is important. There might be different new characters that could be added or new plot twists that could help better the comic, so the willingness to change should be built within you, only then can you improve.


Just like in a novel, a comic too gives loads of importance to its characters, after all it is they who will be carrying out the story. Building exciting characters is vital if you want to write an amazing comic. However though making them more realistic and relatable shall make it even better. Although these might just be characters of a comic, they are human, so making them only look like one and not act like one might not exactly help. They’ve got to possess both strengths and weaknesses, desire and fear and be able to make decisions in a human like way in order to make them more realistic. Whatever choice that ought to be made should be chosen considering the character and how they would make it. After all you can’t have a villain who chooses to save a kitty from a tree rather than blowing up the entire city!

The twist

This is definitely an essential part of a story whether it’d be novel or a comic. The twist changes characters and even the entire story, choosing it wisely to help better the story would be advisable. After all isn’t this what makes you stay on the edge while reading a good book or a comic?


Unlike in a book with no pictures, a comic is able to provide the reader with imagery. Choosing the characters and every little detail of theirs to suit their personality should be done in a manner where it complements the plot, otherwise it would only look like an unwanted baggage that is being carried around.



Filling the dialogs

The story in a comic is built through dialogs. Reading out these dialogs in the character’s perspective would help a lot, especially when you want to know if it sounds weird or not. It should after all be a dialog not a whole speech! Get down a few friends and make them read it out to see if it sounds natural and suits the character.

Make the best out of what you’ve got. Keep motivating yourself to improve further to write better. The above pointers are only relevant in helping you to write your plot, but a comic is not all about plot, it is about visuals and imagery. Keep your script by the side when working out on the art and design of the character, read through it to help perfect the comic and match with the dialogs. Don’t forget to enjoy while perfecting the next superhero and villain series!

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