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Not everyone is J.K.Rowling who can come with an amazing story like Harry Potter while simply waiting for the next train!! However though, it doesn’t mean that writing is too difficult too. It’s all about how you are able string a few words in a good storyline and how you can create imagery. These are a few points that need to be considered when writing your own story;

Opening scene

While it is easier start a story with a random dialog, it would be even better if it starts with an opening scene filled with tension and emotions. A situation to start of your story and later on added scenes to make it more interesting and fun would be ideal. However although this is simply a story and you have the opportunity to wave the pen wherever you want, you have to keep in mind that being realistic on the situation is the key, no matter how much dramatic you want to be. However it doesn’t mean there need not be any drama, it means over exaggerating a plot or situation will not help at all to make it a good story.


Characters are an important part of a story, it gives meaning and life to the plot. Choosing your characters and their personality wisely to build your story is the key. Unlike a story with pictures, it is unable to portray a character other than with words. Hence the descriptions and details should be given in a way it clearly expresses a character and their personality. The details you provide should be relevant and meaningful. Let your plot lead you and be open to new ideas and choices as you go through with your story.

Point of view

A story needs to be told in a point of view. It may be one of the characters or even the author himself. But choosing a character who has the most to lose and has strong emotions, would be my suggestion. The character is after all part of the story and he/ she sees only their side of it. Hence the chances for them to be mistaken on situations and read certain moments wrongly while being unaware of anything else that is going on, is high. This provides an opportunity for the writer to create the suspense he’s aiming for when writing the story, and is able to make it more eventful and dramatic.

Plot twist

What good is a story with no plot twist that adds the icing to the cake? Choosing these twists as well should be done while considering the ongoing story and its characters. A twist is able to change an entire character’s personality or even a situation. It is powerful on its own. Hence using it wisely to create the moments you want in your story is key.

Climax and the end

A good story has your characters developing into better people, shaping them to be someone better than who they were, throughout the story as the characters undergo various situations and changes. Ending with scene rather summary is also another better way of completing your story giving it the option to be open minded on the reader’s point of view and the ability to start a sequel if necessary in the writer’s point of view.

Consider the above and create your own story with lots of twists and turns. Be realistic too when conjuring up situations to help better your story. Don’t forget that if you don’t enjoy your work then you are not doing it right!

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