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They say your clothes say a lot about you. About your personality, your mood and your style. Dressing to match the event is important if especially you don’t want to look either overdressed or underdressed. While styling your clothes to perfect for the particular event you are going for, is important, it is also necessary to accessorize your otherwise dull outfit to help you stand out more in the crowd in a good way.

Adding value

Each piece of accessory you select, whether it’d be a simple pair of studs or a plain clutch, should add value to the outfit you are wearing and complement the look you are going for. If the outfit is bright and sparkly and able to stand out on its own, accessorizing it more would ruin the entire outfit and make it look like a total wardrobe malfunction. Hence choosing your pieces to match the look is very important. If it is a plain denim and a white t-shirt look you are going for, adding a charm bracelet, a long silver pendant chain and maybe even a few other colorful yet simple jewelry like some fancy studs would give a whole new look to the plain outfit you are wearing. Hence accessorizing can also help in reducing your cost on a whole new outfit!

Body frame

While it is necessary to accessorize according to your outfit, it is also important to pay attentions to your body frame. If you have a small and petite figure accessorizing with heavy jewelry will help you stand out obviously, yet not in a good way. For those with small petite figures it would be advisable to choose light and simple jewelry to perfect the outfit, while those with a large body frame choosing equally large and highlighting jewelry to match the outfit would be best. For those with medium figures it would be advisable to choose jewelry based on one’s outfit. However though adding too many of anything would not complement the look yet do the exact opposite of it. Therefore choose wisely!

Skin tone and outfit

The skin tone too affects not only one’s outfit but also accessories. It is advised for those with a darker skin tone to stick with light colors rather than going for dark colors. Similarly, if you have a darker skin tone, choosing your accessory to match your skin tone and outfit is an important point to be considered. Using more highlighted and neon colored accessory should be reduced, going for a more simple and charm look with accessories to match accordingly. And if you have a lighter skin tone playing with a range of colors would be ideal. You don’t necessarily have to stick with bright light colors but also can try out darker or neon colors based on your outfit. This will help you add value to perfect the look you’re going for.


Considering the occasion or event you’re going for and accessorizing accordingly is another very important point. If you don’t want end up wearing high heels, paired with a ballroom worthy gown and accessories to go with it, to the beach, ensuring you’ve got the place and outfit to match the event is essential. Not only will it help you go with the theme of the event, it will also help you to make the right choices on accessorizing as well. Another important thing that shall complement the entire look would be to make it more personal. Accessorizing to match the event is key, but styling and perfecting it to represent who you are makes it even better rather than having to imitate the celebrity looks at the Grammys!

Consider the event, the place, your outfit and most importantly, yourself! Perfect your outfit with little accessories to complete a look and make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you choose to wear only then will you not only look great but also feel great!

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